The first NFT collection devoted to cinema

Explore the cinematic history through NFTs. Mint, sell, and buy our unique NFT !

Join our inaugural NFT project paying tribute to ‘Metropolis,’ the groundbreaking pioneer of cinema blockbusters !

NFT Metropolis

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Unlock the Magic of Metropolis: Immerse yourself in the golden age of cinema with our groundbreaking project dedicated to Metropolis. This iconic masterpiece, a true gem of film history, is now available as unique NFTs. By supporting us through mining or acquiring these exclusive tokens, you become part of a community that celebrates both artistry and technology. Join us in preserving cinematic heritage and owning a piece of movie magic!” 🎥🌟

NFT M Le Maudit

Embark on a Cinematic Journey: Step into the mesmerizing universe of M le maudit through our captivating NFT collection. Each token unlocks a portal to an exclusive artistic dimension where the magic of cinema converges with the power of blockchain. 🎥🌟

NFT du premier film de cinéma

Explore This Unique Collection and Immerse Yourself in the Retro and Innovative Universe of “La Sortie de l’usine Lumière à Lyon”: Each NFT serves as a window to the past, connecting the pioneers of cinema with digital art enthusiasts. 🎥🌟

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Note: NFTs provide a new avenue for creators and art enthusiasts, all while celebrating the rich history of cinema.



We are cinema enthusiasts. We are creating the first collections of NFT dedicated to cinema. Discover our NFT projects in homage to the history of cinema and our roadmap for a more responsible and public-friendly cinema.

Nous offrons des NFT exclusifs basés sur des films classiques pour les collectionneurs et les fans de cinéma. Les fonds levés à partir du mint et la vente de NFT soutiennent les projets cinématographiques.

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